Thank @Jack

Admin, please change the DLC link to this

DLC (Fix Bug Lag) : Lets – Mediafire1File

the game will run at 10 fps on 9.00 if the current DLCs are installed.

here are the notes inside the package:

if you installed the previous dlcs for sure your game is slow unplayable!!
this is because the game is looking for extra data that doesn’t exist.
to fix it you need to delete the two license files via FTP


delete the game and the update and reinstall the base + update again, then the dlcs via usb (remote doesn’t work)

the names or data of the dlc will not appear, only question marks “it’s right, it’s just like that”

I want to thank and give all credits to @backport893 (opisso893).
a hug from the friend “tecniqueza”


- Guide byass Google Drive download limit
- Guide fix download link ""
- Guide Fix Error "Deceptive site ahead" of Google Chrome