Ultimate Edition Content & Pre Order & Expansion : Lets – Zippy1File

Notes by Arczi:
Thats CUSA14275 Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition DLC Pack made by Arczi

Works/tested with UP1018-CUSA14275_00-BACK4BLOOD000000-A0100-V0108-CyB1K.pkg released by mine friend Cyb1k.

Content INFO:
– Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skins (Pre Order DLC)
On game, press touchpad go to “Armory” choose for example Assault Rifle> M4 Rifle and there u can choose Fort Hope Elite Skin.
– Expansion 1: Tunnels of Terror
Gives access to all characters (Both Heng & Charice) and Expansion.
– Ultimate Edition
Gives access to for example Battle Hardened Outfit. Accesible in Cleaners Tab under all of characters and outfit, except of Heng and Sharice since they are form Expansion.
Gives new Banner. Accesible in Personalisation > Player Card > Banner > Ultimate
Gives access to new Title. Accesible in Personalisation > Player Card > Title > Battle-Hardened
Gives access to new Emblem. Accesible in Personalisation > Player Card > Emblem > Ultimate
Gives access to new Spray. Accesible in Personalisation > Spray > Foreground > Ultimate
– Annual Pass
Also unlocks all characters (Both Heng & Charice), didnt tested expansion. Not Required

Tested by me itself and Cyb1k (just Expansions since it was quick unlock ^_^ ) and all working. More i had problems with testing them so they will remain secret 🙂



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