DLC : Zippy

Instructions DLC:

1. Unzip all files , then unzip DLC-EUR-PERSONA 5.zip file too, all in same folder.
2. Transfer files to USB drive and put all .PKG’s in root folder.
3. Plug in USB to PS4, navigate to Debug settings, game, package install and select INSTALL ALL.
4. Wait for installation to complete then run the game.
5. Japanese voiceovers can be activated in main menu options (NOT in game!) (screenshot included)
6. Load the game, then go to your room in Leblanc attic, and check box on the left side of the room (screenshot added)
7. Rest of DLC’s will be executed and added to inventory (outfits, personas, items, etc).
8. Enjoy!


- Guide byass Google Drive download limit
- Guide fix download link "Filecrypt.cc"
- Guide Fix Error "Deceptive site ahead" of Google Chrome