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Notes: 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 / 7.55 Backport! Phew… The hardest, craziest backport ever made. After 1 month of full work, without a single minute of break, with 1-2h sleep a day, over 400h on backporting it, 7 different backports done in 3 different versions, 8 modules injected from 9.00, 700 functions patched, about 2300 bytes changed and lots and lots and lots of rebuilding, i can finally give you guys this game backported!
Let me warn everyone the game doesnt work on every console and i have no explanation to why it doesnt, all i know is that some ps4’s wont load all the assets and stay on an endless asset loading which causes a softlock freeze when trying to load something else, i even tried to format my own ps4 to see if it would solve it but to no avail.
The game for me wont load any modes (Surprisingly campaign works, freezes when quitting to main menu but still saves progress) while for others on same slim console it works just fine. Maybe after releasing this someone figures out the issue but im out of ideas. Oh btw i dont think the licenses are needed at least i didnt need them, but ill still include it lol. Time to make me rich (Joke!). Im free at last…


By CyB1K


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