Arczi – Partner, testing and help with DLCs.
mtnjustme – Because he wanted to be in credits without helping me lel (I joke he helped me by annoying me and saying i couldnt do it).
Dizz – For the dumps and the patience on my dumping requests.
DeathRGH – Testing, providing the game copy and for his cool toolbox (Sorry it doesnt work on your ps4 too… I still want my uart!).
The World ismine – Testing and mental support lol.
RS Glitching – Testing.
Wesleyy93 – Testing and help trying to figure out the game issues.
DRK and jocover – For their help and tips and their amazing previous work on EntitlementAccess.
DUPLEX – For their PSN Patch, althought on 5.05 it still needed more patching after that.
Retrogamer – For his EA Patch feature on autobackport that helped me patch the 700 functions via offsets.
My stubborness – For the persistance of never giving up!
Everyone else for the faith in me to fix this.


- Guide byass Google Drive download limit
- Guide fix download link ""
- Guide Fix Error "Deceptive site ahead" of Google Chrome