By @Whitehawkx

Hello. It’s me again, back with another release and more mods. This time for Devil May Cry 5. As per usual each mod contains the latest (7.55) update 1.08 along with various mods. Just a handful to choose from for now. I’m still looking into doing more, but for the time being these will be limited. If and when we get another jailbreak and access to update 1.10 (Vergil update) this will open the door for many amazing cool mods. Mods made for the Vergil update typically break things on this lower update. For now though enjoy what’s available. I personally LOVE the DMC4 costumes on everyone. Each mod also removes the censorship of Lady’s butt in the mission 5 cutscene. Mods are named as “Nero and Dante and V and anything extra.” On all my mod releases you can refer to the update history for a more thorough breakdown of what each mod contains. Anyways, have fun!

Special thanks to @Backporter for his RE-PAK and RE-TEX tools making RE engine mods on PS4 possible.


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