[CUSA14168] Resident Evil 3 [v1.05][All DLC][fw 6.50+] + Collection of Installable Mods

Hello again. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I thought I’d end it by sharing RE3 along with a collection of mods I put together for this version of the game. Each mod pkg includes the latest update 1.05 along with various mods. Each mod tends to follow a theme of some sort (Mortal Kombat, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, etc). I tried to name them in a self-explanatory manner, which follows the format “Jill and Carlos and Nemesis and anything extra.” There are a few “sexy” mods included, but none with nudity. If a mod says “CLEAN” at the end it’s because I applied an additional mod so Jill won’t show any dirt or grime on her. I will probably end up making more of these, so feel free to bookmark the mods folder and check back for future updates. Also, make sure you have the DLC costumes installed. If a mod isn’t showing up try changing Jill’s costume. Each mod has been tested and is confirmed working. Have fun with these. I really enjoyed playing around with them. I ended up beating the game with the Aerith over Jill mod. “But Whitehawkx, Rambo isn’t FF related!” I just told myself this was Biggs and carried on. Enjoy! 🙂

Also, special thanks to @Backporter for his RE-PAK and RE-TEX tools making RE engine mods on PS4 possible.


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