This DLC Pack unlocks all currently released DLC for the game, as followed:

The bonus mission The Secrets of Greece

The bonus mission The Blind King

Legacy of the First Blade – EP03

Everything has led to this moment in your conflict against the Order of the
Ancients. Put your differences with Darius aside to stop the evil forces
hunting you once and for all in Bloodline, the final episode of Legacy of
the First Blade

Legacy of the First Blade – EP01

Encounter the legend who first used the Hidden Blade. Learn why he chooses
to work in the dark, and uncover the schemes of a new enemy

Legacy of the First Blade – EP02

Fight alongside Darius! Steal The Tempest’s powerful weapon, help the
threatened innocents escape, and destroy the blockade of the Greek Order

Fields of Elysium

Explore the Greek afterlife in the paradise of Elysium and discover what
sinister secrets are hiding behind its beautiful facade

EP2.2: Torment of Hades

Go beyond the gates of the Underworld and help the lost souls find peace as
you attempt to outwit Hades himself

E2.3:Judgment of Atlantis

Journey into a fabled city of legend, encounter the mighty Poseidon, and
discover the realm’s destiny in the final episode of The Fate of Atlantis!

Kronos Pack

Armor of Kronos (Gear set)
Time’s Grip (arms)
The Timeless Eye (helmet)
Timeless Greaves (legs)
Guard of Time (chest)
Father Time (waist)
Hourglass (Mount)
The Harvester of Time (spear)

Elite Athenian Naval Pack

Phalanx Spear (Spear)
Leaf Blade (Sword)
Recurve Bow (Bow)

Herald of Dusk Pack

Herald of Dusk (Gear set)
Dusk Bindings (arms)
Cover of Dusk (helmet)
Dusk-Colored Pedila (legs)
Dusk Herals’s Garment (chest)
Band of Dusk (waist)
Dusk Blood Offering (sword)

Capricornus Naval Pack

Capricornus Boat skin
Capricornus Sailors skin

Aegean Pirate Ship Set

Aegean Pirate Boat skin
Aegean Pirate Sailors skin

Aegean Pirate Set

Aegean Pirate Set (Gear set)
Pirate’s Wrappings (arms)
Fearsome Pirtate’s Helmet
Pirate’s Light Shin guards (legs)
Pirate’s Linothorax (chest)
Pirate Girdle (waist)

Aegean Atoll (Mount)


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