Thank @Frankie

My Christmas gift to you all.


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GOTY edition. Asia version. It has English, don’t worry. Also Chinese, I think. But it only offered me English, cause my PS3 is set to English. Don’t know about any other languages. But I repeat, it has English.

You can get 1.19 update using PS3 Game Updater 1.5 or something.

That’s what I did -> download this, made an ISO out of it with PS3 ISO Tools 2.2 and makeps3iso.exe. Copy to my PS3, install 1.19 update, run game with Webman Mod.

This worked perfectly for me. Played the whole game from start to finish. No problems.

My PS3 is Slim on REBUG 4.86 CFW with Cobra on.


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